Cant seem to figure out whether to put these guys in Reggae or Rap a nice smooth sound for sure
The Green- What Will Be Will Be, this songs sick and so is this band! Similar to The Movement and Soja, check it out!
The Holdup such a good band...not similar to mike jones back then at all haha, hope yall like it
Lets face it everyone out there atleast knows who slightly stoopid is...heres another great track by em, smooth beat and very trippy
Another Rebelution remix this time by Amplive called Otherside, sick song with a lil bit of an electric feel to it...great beat though enjoy masta chiefs
Trevor Hall is an up and coming artist, who is bursting on to the reggae scene, The Lime Tree is one of his most popular songs, check it out
More of The Holdup for yall, so smooth with a good beat, whats the holdup? lets get this bowl in motion
Rebelution's Safe and Sound remixed by Zion I, pretty sick song check it out
Rebelution is one of the best straight up reggae bands out there, check em out...who knows you may find out that you have the courage to grow...
The holdup is a reggae band straight outta Cali! Great beats with a lil hip hop introduced on occasion..holdup...smokeup....and enjoy.
Aer is a great up and coming group, with music with hints of Hip hop and a twist of Reggae they shouldn't be overlooked. They have an extremely chill sound, check em out chiefs.
The Movement is one of the best Reggae bands out there, and its surprising that not more people know about them. They have a great combination of awesome beats and lyrics, providing for a great sound. Check out the movement vibe