This is one funky ass song featuring the god father of smoke and the prince of the city! Smoke one up for this one
Reggae hip hop song with a sick its the truth haha enjoy chiefs
Just one of those songs that makes you wanna go out to the pool and light up a doobie...
Lil bit of that Old Cudi...sick flow...nice beat...A kid named cudi...what more do you need?
Do you like sick ass rhymes? Are you really high? if you answered yes to either of these questions I promise you'll like this song, song with a mad slow beat with 6 different rappers on it including Big Sean, Asher Roth and Chip Tha Ripper...this shit's mesmerizing
Gotta show some love to my boy JR. got a sick ass flow, showin what Raleigh has to offer
I lil Wiz off of Deal or No Deal the mixtape, very smooth, very chill, great smoking song
The one and only Biggie Smalls, wish he was still livin, coulda made more songs like this one...spark one up for Biggie
Self explanatory, enjoy CuDi's spell
Kush & OJ is one of Wiz's most relaxing mixtapes, definitely feelin it tonight....taylor gang or die chiefs
More Spitta!
Check out Eddy B and Tim Gunter's Fall From a Cloud, this ish has the trippiest beat with a nice flow...straight outta that 919!
Any song with Big Sean and KiD CuDi has to be good right? check out this ish....rollin rollin rollin
Can't go wrong with some Wiz Khalifa....TGOD 
For all you Wiz lovers out there you may have heard of Curren$y, from the mixtape How Fly. Spitta has some of the sickest rhymes out get high listen to this shit and you might catch yourself gigglin at some of the stuff he says...Just Enjoy This Shit....JETS